I just wanted to write this for you because sometimes I don't feel that my words come across the way they should.

I wanted to tell you that I appreciate EVERYTHING you do for me.

From washing and ironing my clothes to making me a home cooked meal.

You have no idea how it makes me feel when you do those things for me. I feel so loved and wanted by you and I feel secure in the fact that you love me.

I have never wanted anything more in the world than for us to keep our relationship going through thick and thin.

I love to hear you giggle and love to see your smile every day. And it hurts to leave every week because I love to be around you.

I want to be there with you through all your happiness that awaits you, and be there for you when your down.

I want to be there to hear about all your dreams in life and help you make them happen.

I can't imagine any other type of life without you. You are me and I am you, we are one person, one life, one love.

I want to be able to tell you everything and for you to do the same.

Baby, I love you so much.
Every day just gets better and I can feel my heart and soul growing with you with every passing day.

I don't ever want us to stop loving each other. You know that feeling in your heart when we look into each others eyes and no words are needed and no words even come to mind.

Thats when I know this is something thats going to last as long as our hearts desire.

Those wordless moments of feeling serenity and happiness in one another. Noone can take that away from us.

And no one will.

I just wanted to tell you these few things.

And I hope you won't ever forget, or doubt, how much I am madly in love with you.

I cannot wait to see you when I return on Monday.

I Love You Belinda,

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