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This is how to use the NEW chatroom!
This is a breakdown of the "input" part of the chatprogram with instructions under each section....I will use the Handle "CHATMAN" as an example chatter. I hope this helps....

EX: 1

Ok... See the ? mark on the left? If you click on it, it will tell you who is in the room at the present moment.

The text line (blinking blue cursor) is where you type what you want to say, then click on it to submit it while your cursor is still on it.

The "Server" button on the right will let you change rooms and/or chat servers.... the default will bring you back here.

EX: 2

In the "Action" field on the left, you can express yourself in "purple". Type in an action then click on it and it will look something like this: "Your Handle" is feeling grumpy today

The "?is" field is where you type in someones handle and click on it to see if they are in the same chat server as you.

The "Topic" field is if you have your own chat room and you are the "op" of the room, you can change the topic of your room at any given time by putting in your own topic!

EX: 3

These are the "Private Message" fields. In the "To" field, put in someones handle (Spelling must be accurate). In the "MSG" field NEXT to it, you type in your Private message to them and then click on it (the message field)

You can have three different private conversations since there are three "To" boxes and three "MSG" boxes.

EX: 4
Ignore Who?----->

EX: 5
Ignore Who?----->

This is the ignore feature. If someone is harrassing you or you wish not to see the comments of someone, simply type in their "Handle" and then click. EX: 4

This will put that person on your "Ignore" list and you wil no longer see what they are saying.

To take someone off the "Ignore" list you must put their handle in again, BUT, this time there must be a dash before their handle!!! And then click. EX: 5

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